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Jesús Arrúe was born in Valencia, in the central district of Velluters, in the bosom of a large family, where the plastic arts were always present, because from a very young age it is a gift that develops.

From his paternal grandfather he inherits his enthusiasm for art, who was a great artist in sculpture as well as in writing and plastic arts.

His adolescence is marked by music and the style of the 80’s and 90’s, and his favorite artists were David Bowie, Madonna, John Lennon, … These influences are what today invite him to capture the faces of stars of rock, film, … in their canvases.
In the most personal sphere we would speak of a tormented adolescence and youth, highlighted by their indecisions and discoveries of their identity, seeking in art to be able to shout to the world a sexual condition oppressed for a long time. A complicated youth, sometimes excessive, that made it possible to open the soul of the artist.

During his studies he obtained an honorary degree in drawing at the Cervantes School.
He studied psychology, which allowed him to study in depth the character of the people. In practice he studied diverse personalities with: schizophrenia, bipolarity, depression, euphoria, looks that marked him and continue to mark him at the time of expressing his essence in this way in the canvases, although he never exercised as such, because his passion was art.

Throughout his life he combines multiple works with painting. He arrives to work of waiter in discotheques during several years, they were hard works where at high hours of the night when he returned to his house he released in the brushes his greater reproaches, until he decides to dedicate himself of full to his passion that is the art, finding himself again.

Artists such as Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon, Egon Schiele, having been born in Valencia, with such an important artistic heritage are his great influences.

The artist defines himself as the painter of glances and in his expressionist procedures we find that he uses various materials, predominantly oil and acrylic. This painter is always in continuous learning and enjoys using new techniques in each of his works.

As an artist he does not pretend to be faithful to the image of the characters, but to the feelings he transmits in the glances he paints: deep, lived, decadent, with extreme and brave pasts like that of the artist.

His works transmit above all feelings. His works emanate the sensitive background, the strength of his characters, a set of sensations that do not leave indifferent, to get into everything that the painter wants to move, placing himself in front of the work and letting himself be carried away.

Currently the artist resides between Valencia and Madrid places from where he manages exhibitions and projects.

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